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English Language Academy (ELA Malta)
9 Tower Lane (Triq it-Torri), Sliema, Malta









School Reviews


"When I came to Malta for a year I couldn’t speak a word in English. On the first day I met a lot of people and made some friends. I don’t know how I could understand anything but I remember saying things in English right after my first lesson. I have come a very long way and I am very grateful to the school and particularly to the teachers. I’ve never had a teacher I didn’t like and the staff always does its best to find a solution whenever you have a problem. I’ve had such a lovely experience learning English and I have friends from all over the world. Thank you ELA for supporting me on my journey from a complete beginner to an advanced student."
Anzhela S., Russia


"The school is excellent and I like it because you learn “real” English not this English you will never use. It helps a lot to correct my English and to speak. The teachers correct you during the discussion but in a friendly manner for which you are very appreciative. The office workers are very helpful and friendly. These are the reasons why I already came here 12 times!" Henning S., Germany


"My name is Anastasia, I am from Russia. This is my third time at ELA. This school really made my dreams in English come true. During these three years, I took different courses: General English, TOEFL, Business English. And all of them greatly improved my skills in grammar, speaking, listening. The teachers at ELA are well-qualified and experienced. They are always ready to support pupils, students, when they need their help in the studies. In comparison with other, larger schools, the atmosphere at ELA is very friendly, bright, light. At ELA you are treated like an individuals. To tell the truth, I would never find so many good friends from different countries as I did at ELA. I am very grateful to ELA for everything what it did for me (by the way, the level of my English is advanced). I will come back to ELA, I am sure, as it is my second home."
Anastasia, Russia

"It was an excellent moment of my life. I enjoyed many moments and made lots of friends. As soon as I arrived at ELA school, I immediately felt at home; I couldn’t speak any English but my teachers and the amazing staff helped me so much. Now I have improved and can easily talk to people. I liked ELA so much and I would certainly recommend the school to all my friends!"
Venicius C.

"I arrived safe and sound to Spain but it"s obvious that I miss Malta a lot. My stay in your school was just perfect! I want to give you my congratulations! I enjoyed your activities alot in Malta and all the staff, but especially Vanessa and Arsalan who were really kind to me. Besides, i can´t forget my teacher Mary who was great in my classes. I know really that in the very near future I will go another time to Malta and Ela Sliema Malta :) For me it was an absolutely amazing time!!!"
Ivan T., Spain