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Frequently Asked Questions

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Booking and payment

How do I register for a course?
The easiest and quickest way to register is by using our online registration form.


How do I register 2 or more people?
You can either complete the registration form multiple times or note under "Other information" the names, dates of birth, and required courses for the other people.


I want to start next week. Is there still course and accommodation availability?
Please click here to check the latest availabilities.


How long before course begin should I register?
We recommend you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Please click here to check the latest availabilities.


Should I book the flight first or the course/accommodation?
We recommend you book the course first. You can cancel you course/accommodation free of charge if you can't find a flight. Click here for our terms.


Can you send me a quote?
You can calculate the cost of your stay very quickly with our calculator. If you required course or accommodation are not displayed we will happily send you a quote. Just complete the registration form with you required dates and write "Quote only". Your are under no obligation.


How can I to pay?
You can pay by bank transfer or credit card. We require a small deposit to secure your booking. You can pay the balance on the first day if you want.


Can you send an invoice for my company?
Yes, just make a note on the registration form under "Other Information" with the name and address that should be used on the invoice.


I am from Spain and I want to use the MEC grant.
Please complete the registration form with your required course and accommodation. You will then receive the necessary documentation you need to apply for the grant.


Is my course a tax deductible expense?
Tax laws vary from country to county. Please check with your accountant or tax office.


English courses

When can I start my course?
Our courses are designed from Monday to Friday, so it is best always to start on a Monday. However, you can start your course on any weekday except for Friday. The school is shut at the weekend and also on public holidays.


There are now many cheap flights during the week which can save you a lot of money. We are therefore very flexible with course start and end dates. If you book part of a week, we will only charge you for the days you book. For example if your flight is on a Tuesday you can either (1) do a course from the Wednesday to the Tuesday or (2) do a course from Wednesday to Friday, and then only pay for 3 days in that week.


How do you find the correct class for me?
On the first day you will be given a written test, and your spoken skills will be assessed. We can then decide which is the right class for you. To check your current level of English complete this short test.


What happens if my level test on the first day indicates I am not good enough for my chosen course e.g. English for Business or Exams?
You can change your course to one that is more suitable. If you only want to do one specific exam, contact us, let us know which course you want to do, and we will send you a suitable test to check your level.


What should I do if I feel I am in the wrong class?
If you feel you are in the wrong class please talk to your teacher.


Can I change class as my level improves?
Yes. You will be given a progress test, and when your level is sufficient you can move up to the next class. Normally you will need at least 4 weeks before you move up a class.


Is there a charge for course materials?
Course materials cost a nominal amount of Euro 25.


How many levels are there?
We offer 6 levels within the courses. Your spoken and written English will be assessed on the first day, to find the right class for you. To check your current level of English complete this short test.


Do I get homework?


Can I sit examinations in Malta?
Yes. The school is the TOEFL exam centre for Malta, and the Cambridge and IELTS exam centres are very close.


Can you book my exam?
This depends on the exam you want to do. If you want to do an exam please make a note of this on the registration form. We will then advise you of the necessary steps. Please note if you book an exam course we do not automatically book the exam.


Can I have a private (1 to 1) course in my hotel?
Yes. Private English courses can be held at your hotel in Malta or on Gozo at extra charge. There is a weekly charge for hotels in

  • Sliema, St. Julian’s, Gzira, San Gwann, Ta’ Xbiex, Msida, Madliena, Pembroke, Ibragg, Swieqi, St. Andrews, High Ridge, Ta’ Giorni und Kappara € 10 per week
  • The rest of Malta € 20 per week
  • Gozo € 30 per week


Do I get an end of course certificate?
Yes. The certificate gives an indication your level at the end of the course. Please click here for a sample certificate.


Do you offer courses for younger learners?
Yes . Please click here for information about courses for younger learners: Aged 3 to 5, Pre-Teens, Teenagers


If I have a question who do I ask?
If you have academic questions please talk to your teacher, or the Director of Studies. For any other questions, your teacher will be able to tell you which member of staff you need to speak to.



Where is the school?
The school is situated in the most commercial and busy residential zone of Malta, which is the town of Sliema. Click here for a map.


Are all the teachers qualified?
All our teachers hold qualifications to teach English.


When was the school founded?
In 1988.


Is your school accredited?
Yes. We are a full member of FELTOM (Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations in Malta). Our school and teachers are licenced by the Malta Ministry of Education and EFL Monitoring Board. The school is also the only official TOEFL testing centre on Malta.


What is the average age?
The majority of our adult learners are in the 20-30 range. We have separate classes for juniors. Older learners can book our English 50+ if they wish.


Are the classrooms air-conditioned?
Every classroom in our main school is air-conditioned.


Do you have Internet access?
Yes, computers and WLAN are available and completely free. There are also free wireless hotspots around Malta, just look for this sign.


How big is the school?
We are a small school with a maximum of about 180 students in our main adult school. In summer we operate a separate school for teenagers a few minutues walk away which also has a maximum of about 180 students.


How many classrooms are there?
In winter about 30, in summer about 48.


How many people are there in a class?
This depends on the time of year and the course. Please see the course information pages for the exact number.


Where do course participants come from?
We had students last year from over 30 different countries.


Can I have a brochure?
You can download our brochure and other information here: Downloads


Is there an emergency telephone number?
Yes. You will find it on your course invoice, and also here.


Is the school open on Saturday and Sunday?
No. English courses are from Monday to Friday.


What happens if one of the course days has a public holday?
There is no reduction in fees, however, we make up for the lost time on other the days of the week. Click here for public holidays.


Is the school open at Christmas?
Apart from the public holidays the school is open. All lessons that are missed due to public holidays are made up for on the other weekdays, so you always receive the number of lessons you book.


When are there public holidays on Malta?

Please click here for public holidays.



Can you help me book my flight?
We can't book your flight, but Air Malta offers flight from numerous desitinations.


Should I book the flight first or the course/accommodation?
We recommend you book the course first. You can cancel you course/accommodation free of charge if you can't find a flight.


How do I get from the airport to the school?
Click here for the different possibilites.


If am coming on my own the transfer price is a bit expensive, what should I do?
You can go by bus. The bus is very cheap, but the journey is quite long, and not ideal if you have a lot of luggage.



Do I have to book accommodation with you?
No. You are free to book your accommodation whereever you want. Click here for a hotel map . Sliema offers a wide range of hotels, apartments and hostels that are all in walking distance of the school. For example Windsor Hotel (Number 44 on the map) is about 10 minutes walk from the school. St Julians and Gzira are a short bus ride away.


When do I need to book the accommodation by?
We recommend you book your accommodation as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Why are the hotel and apartment prices so complicated?

Accommodation providers on Malta have numerous price periods. We do not simplify their prices structure, so you get the best prices.


Are there set arrival and departures days?
No. You can arrive when you want and leave when you want. Accommodation is always charged by the day.

I don't eat certain foods, what should I do?
Please make a note on the registration form.


I have allergies, what should I do?
If the allergies are important for us to know about, then please make a note on the registration form


Where can I do my washing?
Homestays offer guests a free washing service once a week. Some accommodation options have washing machines that are available for a charge. There are also laundries in Sliema.


How ofter do homestay hosts clean the room?
The room is cleaned and the sheets changed once a week.


What should I do if I am not happy with my accommodation?
Please go promptly to our accommodation coordinator who will help you.


My partner wants to come with me to Malta, but doesn't want to do a course. Can we both book accommodation?
Yes. We can organise accommodation for people who are not doing a course.


Can 16 & 17 year olds book non-homestay accommodation?

We recommend homestay accommodation for teenagers. 17 year olds can book Alborada Aparthotel, however, there is no supervision provided. We cannot organise non-homestay accommodation for 16 year olds.



What is the currency?
From 01.01.08 the currency is Euros.


Is there a fitness club near the school?


Do you offer activities and do I need to book these in advance?
We offer an acitvity program and you can book all your activities when you are on Malta. Our Leisure Coordinator will be pleased to help you.


Where can I get a SIM card for my mobile phone?

If you book online, we will give you a free SIM card, with a Maltese phone number.

Do I need a SIM card with internet?
Not really. (1) There is free WLAN in the school. (2) There are also free wireless hotspots around Malta, just look for this sign. (3) Many bars, resturants etc also offer free WLAN.


I want to bring young children. Can you organise supervision?
Yes. We offer English courses for children aged 3 and above. We can also organise baby-sitting that costs circa € 7 per hour.


Should I purchase travel insurance?
We recommend purchasing travel insurance in your own country.



I need to apply for a student visa. How many lessons do I need to book?
20 lessons per week is the minimum.